Enhance Your Flight
Noisy Goose is an Electronic Flight Bag and pilot weather application.
An application made by pilots, for pilots.
weather shown for airports
Airport and Enroute Weather

METAR/TAF and civil forecasts availble for over 4800 airports worldwide. Additionally view standard weather layers including Radar, Echo Tops, Turbulence, and Wind.

Digital Charts

Go digital with Canada and US IFR charts and improve situational awareness with VNC and VFR Sectional charts.

weather shown for airports
Weather Alerts

Noisy Goose will continually monitor for weather events affecting your flight. Subscribe to airports to be notified of any weather degredations or events including flight rule changes (VFR to IFR, for example), SIGMETs, NOTAMs, and PIREPs.

Multiple Weather Layers
View enroute weather layers including Radar, Echo Tops, Forecasted Cloud Cover, Clear Air Turbulence, and much more
Go digital with Canada and US charts.
Noisy Goose includes approach, taxi, aerodrome charts for Canada and the United States. Charts are updated automatically as part of the AIRAC 56-day cycle.
Improve Situational Awareness
Use VFR charts in both Canada and the United States when you enable all Noisy Goose features.
With additional downloadable terrain and obstacle data, Noisy Goose can improve your situational awareness throughout Canada and the United States.
Weather Widgets
Keep an eye on airport weather right from your phone's lock screen or home screen.

Lots of Features for Pilots

Global Civil Forecasts
WX Notifications
Worldwide Radar
Echo Tops
Smoke Forecasts
Digital Charts
Weight and Balance
Deice Calculator
Advanced Flight Planning
Import External Map Data
Oceanic Tracks
Flight Tracking
ADS-B Traffic
Canada VNCs
US VFR Sectionals
Low/High IFR Charts
Takeoff with Noisy Goose
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